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My name is Tom Fletcher. I am a private music teacher, performing musician and busking musician based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. I play many instruments but specialize in Electric Guitar and Drum Kit.
I currently perform in three bands; Black Rising, Avenged and YCDC. In addition to performing and teaching, I am also an experienced studio musician and am available for session work for Guitar and Drums. I also offer my services as a “dep” or stand-in musician for live shows.
This website is my personal website which outlines the various musical things I do. There are also links to other websites for my various projects. It contains a full and complete upcoming gig listing for me too.
You can find out about the bands I have been involved with and currently perform with, my solo show which consists of covers by a range of artists, my show dates, tuition information and how you can contact me for booking a show.


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